„Being Youth in My Country (Jugendlich sein in meinem Land)“

„Jugendlich sein in meinem Land | Ülkemde Genç Olmak“


Young people is one of the disadvantegous group like disabled groups and women, although they are unnoticed by the rest of the society. They have some problems in society and they have rights about it they want to have. With this project between Turkey-Germany with the total number of 14 from both countries, they will try to tell being young in their own country, their problems and what is the expectations of society from them primarily to each other and then to the rest of the society via theatre.


Our participants will meet each other and have knowledge about each other’s culture and then they will convey to the audience what it’s like to be young in their society through the creative drama plays and more they will have an awareness about their peers’ expectations, problems and cultural backgrounds. Thanks to this project our participants will learn social,cultural and historical relations between two countries with two sides’ viewpoint with non-formal leaning technics and they will have an active role in disseminetion and implementation of the project.


Programme | Jugendlich sein in meinem Land

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